In the best of times, it seems, the marriage of TDM and VoIP is one of convenience.

The interface between these two worlds is rarely understood by the other and many times they are not speaking the same language to each other. Clearly understood communication is the cornerstone of a good marriage. Our team is fortunate to have grown up in TDM and to have come of age in VoIP. We own the best of breed gear, make it all interoperate, and optimize to deliver the best possible PDD, ASR, ACD, and back coding. All this translates into happy customers and vendors running as many minutes as they can sell.

Our philosophy is to invest in the best gear for the specific job at hand. To us this means no compromising and no trade-offs in the network.

We insist on having gear that not only does SS7, C7, ISDN, in the TDM space and H323, SIP, and covering most codecs (GIPS Family, GSM, iLBC, ITU G.711, ITU G.722, ITU G.722.1, ITU G.722.1C, ITU G.722.2, ITU G.723.1, ITU G.726, ITU G.728, ITU G.729, Speex, LPC10, and DoD CELP) but also converts each and every one of these signals, protocols, and codecs so that everything interoperates.

No matter what our clients want to send or our suppliers want to receive, we have the network flexibility to be ready, willing, and able to get the job done. End of story.